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Cherry - Inercia Demoparty 2008

This was a demo that was presented at Inercia Demoparty 2008 event here at Portugal. This was my first demo that I did with the help of another programmer.

I was responsible for the demo framework design and implementation, graphics, shaders and exporter for 3D Max. My fellow programmer and friend Diogo Neves was responsible for framework implementation, demo scripting and particle effects. Marco Vale was responsible by all the art and animation presented at the demo. The music of this demo was already created and it was done by me as well.

The demo was created in 3 weeks including framework design and implementation, graphics and demo scripting. Marco Vale already had a concept created at that time and did all the art in only one week.

In the future, we plan to create more demos with more time and using the same framework developed for this demo.

Right now you can only see screenshots but with time I will add more content.

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