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This is an incomplete game I was making for '4 elements' competition, version 5. Unfortunately, due to personal time constraints, I was unable to finish the project.

This game would be my first First Person Shooter. I used Irrlicht Graphics engine to create the graphics, Gile[s] application to generate lightmaps and Ageia Physx for phisics. I ended up by doing signicant changes to Irrlicht engine. I changed the way materials worked to support multi-pass rendering, added a pixel space glow effect (some king of fake bloom effect), changed the way lights worked and added a new material type based on Quake 3 Arena shader material. For this material type, I developed a new shader language using flex and bison for parsing.

The rules are simple. Use WSAD to move the character , Space to jump and mouse to point. Left click to fire a basic weapon. You should run away from the five enemies in the scene.

All artwork used in the game was taken from samples in Irrlicht and Gile[s].

Links and downloads

Game - Download pre alpha version of this game.

Some screenshots

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