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Although being a game programmer, I also enjoy music. I did and I still do some music works. Much of my games and demos have musics done by me. I also had participated in some music competitions for the demoscene.

You are free to use any of these musics in any project. Just add to me in the credits. I would like to know if some of these musics are being useful in some way as well.

Original Sound Tracks

  • VI ABST0x01 - The music that was used for this demo.
  • VI GDP 3 - The original musics I did for VI GDP 3.
  • VI GDP 2 - The original musics of VI GDP 2 and an extra music not featured in the game.
  • Fractal World - The rendered original music (This intro64k used V2 from Farbrausch and the high quality rendered music.
  • Random Shooter - All the pieces composed for this LudemDare 48 Hours competition entry.
  • Infected Blood - The original musics created for Infected Blood.
  • VI STR 1.5 - The music that was used for this demo.
  • VI STR 1.0 - The music created for this demo.


  • Exotic Electronics - Presented at Inercia Demoparty2008. Trance.
  • Symphonic Dreams - Presented at Inercia Demoparty2008. Symphonic.
  • Sad Flutes - Presented at Breeze 2007. Indica BreakBeat.
  • NoTitle - Presented at Inercia DemoParty 2005. Drum&Bass.
  • Alianeted - Presented at Inercia DemoParty 2004. Trance.

Links and downloads

OSTs - Download all original sound tracks.

Competitions - Download all musics used in competitions