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Render Monkey

Some of my graphics experience comes from this program. It is a shader editor and visual fast prototyping application. It helped me to test and learn some graphics techniques that I later applied in C++ demos and games.

I have an huge (dosens) of tests on this program, some of them don't even work already, so I selected what I think to be the best ones.

Each Workspace is a technique or visual experiment and comes with a Note to explain what was the purpose on creating that workspace and copyrights of material used.

  • Layered Fog - A simple layer fog application.
  • Relief Texture Mapping - An application of relief texture mapping.
  • Shadow Mapping - My first test with shadow mapping.
  • Skin - A fake Sub Surface Scattering effect developed by Nvidia applied to a face skin.
  • Underwater - A scene visual effect to create an underwater mood.
  • Volume Light - An application of volume lighting to add mood to scenes.
  • Xian - A shader developed by ID Software for Quake 3 Arena and translated to GPU programs.

Links and downloads

Layer Fog

Relief Texture Mapping

Shadow Mapping



Volume Light


Some screenshots

Shadow Mapping


Volume Light

Quake 3 Arena Xian

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